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      Congratulations on you the purchase of your Roo Power +
      On this page you will find instructions to first set up your Power + Unit. Youtube links and support contact information. 
      This new product to Roo System's allows you to adjust your 4WD to your needs. From bush to beach, For work or everyday driving. Simply set to the tune that you need when you need it.
      It's that simple!
      With gains of up to 30% on towing and power the Roo Power + will help you when you need it!
      This device is vehicle specific so check out the options in our shop to check if your vehicle is compatible.
      ROO POWER +
      • Easy to Use
      • Select and upload your remap onto your vehicle
      • Support from Roo System's
      • ECU can be restored to factory settings at any time
      • Store up to 5 different stages, in addition to the Original File of the vehicle
      • Backed by Roo System's industry leading Warranty
       When you first receive your Roo Power + please follow the first upload instructions VERY Carefully Click Here or watch video Click Here to start.
       Please now fill out the following form before sending back Click Here
      Now enjoy your Roo Power + once we send it back with your customised Remaps!
      How To Use your Roo Power +
      Check out some of our video's on Youtube.