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      Roo System Intercoolers perfect as part of an Exhaust & Tune package.


      Roo Systems  is not a one size fits all business model. We understand that different applications have different requirements and we work very hard to tailor make cooling solutions that will work for each individual customer. We work closely with our suppliers to select the right combinations in both Air to Air and Water to Air intercoolers, so you know you are getting the best in class solution.

       Roo Systems kits were developed to optimise the airflow and get the best components for the best flow.

      Will suit those who want to take their 4WD into some of the harshest locations possible while providing trouble free performance.

      We use where possible the largest cores for the location and typically use bar and plate design as they are regarded as being of more durable construction and typically can handle the higher pressures.  

      The pipework is 304 stainless steel and mandrel bent where possible.  The ends of the pipes are prepared with a higher than normal flare to prevent the silicon hoses slipping off when the system is hot, and your boost resizes to its maximums

      Brackets are made from mild steel for fatigue resistance and the use of a support bracket for the bonnet latch instead of asking the aluminium intercooler to do the work.