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      The Roo Systems custom tuned chips matched to a Roo Systems mandrel bent 409 stainless steel exhaust are designed to produce a massive increase in power, torque and improve fuel efficiency within the safe operating levels of your engine. And because we are 4WDers ourselves, we know that reliability and durability are just important as power. Roo Systems custom tuned chip and exhaust systems are designed to work within the safe parameters of the engine and retains full use of factory safety settings so they will not void the standard warranty on the vehicle.

      We have spent thousands of hours testing and tuning our products and invested a lot of resources on research and development. Our products are constantly being tested in the bush, on the beach, as well as towing both caravans & camper trailers. There are NO companies that test their products as extensively as we do!

      The benefits of having a Roo System chip and exhaust upgrade include ease of overtaking and maintaining comfortable cruising speeds, and more power when you are driving off-road. And if you’re fully loaded or towing, you can comfortably maintain the legal road speed and you won’t find yourself slowing down on long hills with a line of motorist backed up behind you!

      If you want a specific tune to tow a caravan we can change the low down responsiveness of your vehicle to make it easier to get your caravan off the mark on a hill. This will help you avoid riding your clutch and doing damage to your drive train, and when the power is down low and more immediate, it makes overtaking and maneuvering a lot easier.

      If you have other modifications to your vehicle including bigger intercooler or exhaust or have other specific requirements for the way you drive your 4WD then the Roo Systems chips are easily customized to suit your individual needs.

      When new vehicles are sold in Australia, the manufacturer has programmed the vehicle to the worst fuel and air conditions. This is due to the differing air quality and fuel quality in different countries around the world.

      The main restrictions from factory computers is that the fuel injection maps are too retarded, and the spark advance map is too excessive to compensate for average conditions, which creates less efficiency.

      Having a well-tuned engine makes for a more enjoyable driving experience and takes the stress away on longer journeys. Roo custom-tuned chips work by adjusting a range of settings in the engine including timing, injector pulse, fuel delivery and boost to suit Australian conditions. You’ll comfortably get up to 35% more power and torque and you will save at the bowser with up to 10% better fuel economy. Roo Systems products are designed to maximize the power throughout the rev range not just peak power.

      If you are after an instant performance boost tailored to suit your 4WD then the Roo Systems custom tuned chip matched to a Roo Systems exhaust is the solution for you. The whole chip kit comes ready to install with a complete wiring harness, cable ties and instructions and takes less than 30 mins to install. The Roo Systems mandrel bent 409 Stainless exhaust systems are also focused on an easy fit philosophy. Especially designed in smaller lengths with welded bolts and flanged at every joint, they are ideal for the DIY market and is suitable for all modern diesel engines.